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Communications - What options do I have for communicating with my students?

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Canvas provides many options for maintaining regular, effective and substantive communication with your students. Aside from using the Announcements wherein you may send a message to all the students in your course; there are a variety of other options as well.

  1. The "Inbox" or, "Conversations", tool allows you to send private messages to one or more students. There are features that allow you to send one message to all students; or, you can send one message to all students; but, it becomes an individual message to each similar to the bcc feature in most email clients: Read more about the features in Conversations.
  2. Using Assignment Feedback is another way to communicate with your students. Utilizing the feature to use timely feedback helps the student gauge progress on each assignment.
  3. Keeping your grading up to date provides students with immediate, effective communication from you. The SpeedGrader in Canvas offers amazing tools for you leave written feedback on an assignment, leave a voice recording, or a video of you praising your students for a job well done. 
  4. Conferences makes it easy to conduct synchronous (real-time) lectures for all of the students in your course. Conferences allows you to broadcast real-time audio, video, demo applications on your desktop, share presentation slides, or demo any online resources.
  5. The Chat tool in Canvas allows you and your students to interact synchronously. A word of caution - Chat is not private and remains a permanent part of your course.